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We Have a Website, And Other News

During our spring break we wanted to be very productive. This website serves as one result of the great deal of work that we put in. We are always happy to keep growing and expanding however we can to become the most successful, and this was a huge achievement for us. This website serves as a symbol of both the achievement and growth of The Echo, but also the success from supporters and fans. A very big "Thank You!", is in order.

We have been selected to give an oral presentation about the creation and use of The Echo at the annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase (CURC) done at Colorado State University. Come support us and hear a behind how The Echo went from an idea to a reality. Our presentation is schedule for 10:40am to 11:05am in the LSC Room 328.This is also a great chance to stop by and pick up merch, we will have both stickers and T-shirts avaliable.