About Us

Our Mission

The Echo Film is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people live harmoniously with animals through educational and video resources. We believe that all animals are valuable, including wildlife, pets, and other domesticated animals.

We have collaborated with wildlife activists and organizations around the world, produced documentaries and other informational films (including livestreams and virtual programs), and designed and distributed educational course materials. We create content to showcase the many different types of important work being done with animals, in addition to informing audiences on how best to support that work.

At The Echo, we empower our audience to:

  • Appreciate all animals
  • Value environmental stewardship
  • Inspire a lifetime of safe outdoor experiences

Meet Our Team

Matthew Juneau

Founder, President, & Director of Development

After founding The Echo while in school, Matthew Juneau graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 with a B.S. in Natural Resources, with minors in Zoology and Conservation Biology. The main focus of his study was human-wildlife interactions, with the goal of understanding the ways our population interacts with the animals in natural environments. This emphasis helps The Echo work especially well in creating material that connects with viewers to understand their role in our ecosystem. Matthew currently maintains The Echo’s relationship with various partner sites across the Western United States.

Mike Davis

Co-Founder & Director of Media Production

Mike Davis is the co-founder of The Echo Film. He holds a B.S. degree in Ecological Restoration from Colorado State University, where he met Matthew Juneau. Mike’s background in audio/video production, graphic design, & social media promotion make him the perfect yin to Juneau’s yang. Davis currently serves as podcast editor, video editor, and general quality control for all The Echo’s content.

Our Past Work

Interested in collaborating?

The Echo Film offers custom video production to raise support for you or your organization. We offer short form, highlight, and feature videos to help craft the perfect video and story.

To share your story, get started by contacting us and telling us about your project or program!